Afifa Nizami

As Interviewed by Jules H., March 22, 2015
"I just felt like there was no equality between guys and girls. There was no justice."
Afifa Nizami

Introductory Profile: About Afifa Nizami

Afifa Nizami grew up in Pakistan before coming to America in 2010. I met her through my aunt, who tutored Afifa in high school, while she attended The Khabele School. When I think of Afifa, I think of her beauty. She has long, wavy black hair and beautiful scarves and clothing. I also think of Afifa’s beautiful henna designs she artistically paints on people's skin. Afifa is incredibly polite, as she had to be in Pakistan. Despite having so many negative experiences growing up in Pakistan, she is still a lively, energetic young woman.

Afifa shared her life with me in an interview recently. In my interview, Afifa spoke about the social injustice of how women were treated in Pakistan. She explained the impact of Sharia Law, imposed by the Taliban, on young women's lives. She also talked about how her father being a musician in Pakistan affected her family. After hearing this interview, I felt shocked at the inhumane treatment of people by the Taliban. An X instead of a Y chromosome determined Afifa’s life in Pakistan. She helped me realize how fortunate I am to have been born in America.