Hubert Tien

As Interviewed by Cora Tien, April 16, 2015
"The language, first and foremost, was the biggest barrier."
Hubert Tien

Introductory Profile: About Hubert Tien

Hubert Tien lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and moved to the United States when he was 5 years old. In the interview, he talked about the struggle in coming over to the United States and the cultural barrier he experienced. Mr. Tien is a strong believer in immigration to the United States because he believes in finding a better life. He told me about not knowing the feeling of racism when he moved, so he doesn’t remember much on experiencing it.

Mr. Tien is a middle ages man who is very toned and athletic looking. He is about five foot nine, has very dark hair and a medium complexion. Hubert has two daughters, one attending high school and one in junior high. He has lived in 3 different countries, but for the majority of his life he has lived in Texas.

Throughout the interview, Hubert made a couple jokes told a few funny stories. Although these jokes were thrown into the discussion, he mainly stayed monotonal and serious. My interviewee was very courteous and went into much detail when answering the questions asked. It was clear that Mr. Tien was knowledgeable on his topics and recalled events in a calm manner.

Hubert Tien is an immigrant from Vietnam and believes that others should have the same rights as him. He did not focus much on racism, because of his little experience, but did focus on the cultural differences with Americans and Vietnamese.