Guadelupe S. Ruiz

As Interviewed by Milla Gary, On April 14, 2015
"We just had to get up early in the morning and we all bunched up in a truck, like migrant workers, and they took in a ride to the field where we were having to make bundles of onions together, put them together and we would pack them up."
Guadelupe S. Ruiz

Introductory Profile: About Guadelupe S. Ruiz

Guadeloupe S. Ruiz was born on February 3rd 1946. She was born
and raised in Floresville, Texas. As a child, she was segregated from the people around her. She had a hard life growing up a Mexican. As a child she was beaten, by the teachers, almost everyday at school. There were bathrooms, water fountains, restaurants, stores (etc) that she could not use because of her skin color. Since the age of 8 she had to work to earn money for her family. She picked cotton, green beans, squash, and onions and was paid a little under 25 cents per pound.

Guadalupe Ruiz is 69 years old, 5 ft 5 in tall and has short black hair and dark brown eyes. She enjoys gardening, walking in the park picking pecans along the way and spending time with her children and grandchildren. She also likes shopping at antique shops and going to garage sales. Visiting friends is another favorite pastime of hers. She is very religious and wakes up early in the morning in order to go to church daily. She is very caring and loves to help out.

When I was interviewing Guadeloupe, I found that her mood changed quickly. I could tell that some of the questions I asked her caused her mood to go from being cheerful to being melancholy. Her tone became stern and loud. She did seem to hesitate a lot, especially if the question that had been asked was more emotional. Her voice seemed hurt and angry.

Guadeloupe S. Ruiz helps out at her church and is regularly found there. She is always praying for other people, even those who hurt her or her feelings. Growing up was awful for her. What she experienced was extraordinary. All her life her heart was filled with pain and anger. Growing up poor was another hardship for her. She faced many people who would insult her for her race and low economic state. Today she does her best to forget those awful times.