Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

As Interviewed by Rachel Cox, March 18, 2015
"The common language of the world is not love. The common language of the world is not music. The common language of the world is suffering."
Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

Introductory Profile: About Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

Pastor Lynnae Sorenson has been head minister at my church, Abiding Love, in Austin, Texas for five years. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she spent the first four years of her life, while her parents were working there as medical missionaries. As an adult, she has traveled to countries all over the world as a missionary helping to solve social injustices. She also has been an integral part of Water to Thrive, an organization that builds wells in rural Ethiopia. She currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Pastor Lynnae is a fairly tall woman in her fifties, with blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She has an adopted brother from Ethiopia as well as many other siblings. Her natural talent to engage people in thought and her skills as a strong, influential speaker, has led to a career in preaching. She is very easy to talk to, easy to respect and love, and enjoys sharing stories about her experiences in life. Her faith and experiences with social injustice have inspired me and my family.

In this interview, Pastor Lynnae speaks about the poverty in Ethiopia and how people living in the Western world must always remember the struggles that the other two thirds of the world face. As a pastor, she encourages people to be grateful for their wealth and try to care for those who are not as fortunate.