Cleaburne F.

As Interviewed by Ellen Fritz, February 28, 2015
"The 9 year old stayed with the Apache Indians. He would fight against white people, he would hunt like the Indians, and he would scalp white men. He did everything the Indians did in those days to the white people."
Cleaburne F.

Introductory Profile: About Cleaburne F

My interviewee is Cleburne Henry Fritz, my grandfather. Although his name is Cleburne, I call him Opa, which means “Grandfather” in German. Opa always told me stories as a child. (some real ,and some just tales) This is how I heard my story.

My grandfather grew up in the same house where the kidnapping occurred, a small wooden cabin on green, rolling hills. My Opa had very much experience with white settler- Native conflict because the some native tribes still lived in Texas while he was a child.

My Opa’s physical traits are that he is tall, old, and bald. His personality traits are he is welcoming, loving, caring, and thoughtful. In my interview, we briefly cover the journey of the 2 boys that were captured by Native Americans, and how they reacted to the living conditions of this Apache tribe. We also go over my Opa’s opinions on the topic, such as how the negative relationship between the natives and the white settlers came to be.

My interviewee tells the story very well, in the voice he heard it as a child, and gives his strong opinions on the social injustice that both ethnicities were exposed to.