Suzanne Napier

As Interviewed by Beck R., March 21, 2015
"Unless ideas of hate are given to you or someone is provoking racist attitudes, kids naturally don't care much about such things."
Suzanne Napier

Introductory Profile: About Suzanne Napier

Suzanne Napier is my paternal grandmother. She has lived in Texas all her life and went to one of the first desegregated schools in Austin. Her parents were probably a lot less racist than a lot of people at the time. She is married and has one son, my father. Her husband, like her father, went to an all-white school, but her parents were open to change, and she has remained open to all people and races to this day.

Suzanne Napier is a grey-haired woman of around 50 or so, and she is about 5’7’’. She is very nice and quite talkative. She answers all of my questions as descriptively as possible. She has her hands in her lap as she speaks, only bringing them up to get a drink of water or to emphasize an answer with a hand gesture.

We covered her background and life, her experiences at a segregated school, her friends’ experiences, her relatives and spouse’s experiences, how she feels about school equality to this day, and how racist things can hurt a child’s life.