Kalsoom Begum

As Interviewed by Junaid Rasool, March 17, 2015
"We donít want them to forget Pakistan. We are not saying focus only on Kashmir. That is not the point. We want a stable government in Pakistan. We also want a stable government in India."
Kalsoom Begum

Introductory Profile: About Kalsoom Begum

I interviewed Kalsoom Begum, my grandma. I got to know her because she is my grandma. I first met her when I was two. She was born in the Summer of 1940. She had two brothers and one sister. She is a Muslim, and she had no professions other than being a housewife. She has a bachelor degree in Mathematics, and she lived through three wars.

When I interviewed her, we talked about the war of 1965, about what was her situation during this war, and about Kashmir -- what the war was about. The interview had a sad feeling because we were talking about a war, but I think that the interview went well. I got my information, and she got to see me.

If I could interview her on another topic, I would interview her on Pakistanís independence because that one was the most memorable one. She seemed to remember things very well from her experiences, even though they were about 50 years ago.