Joong Ho Kim

As Interviewed by Kevin Seon, March 19,2015
"It was hard to overcome but something about being a soldier, is that you never get used to it. You just have to overcome it."
Joong Ho Kim

Introductory Profile: About Joong Ho Kim

My Interviewee was Joong ho Kim, who voluntarily served in the US Army in Iraq for a year to fight during the Iraq war. My interviewee explained that serving in Iraq during a war was not just a battle but a life or death experience.

He is one of the elders at my church who I can trust, and I knew that he was one of the retired Texas Army National Guard and he was an Aviator and Aviation Maintenance Officer in the Iraq war during his service in Iraq. He was born in Seoul, Korea and he has a big family with three daughters. He was one of the seniors in the aviation brigade and even with a high rank, he lost some of his best companions and friends. He is a very tough, challenged, and brave soldier. As I interviewed him, I felt his tensions in his voice as he talked about his hard moments, but he bravely he kept his courage and shared the stories of his experience with me. The tone of his voice was very deep and dark. I almost felt the pressure as he shared his stories about his hard moments, but I still felt his confident stride in his tone as he spoke.

My interviewee was one of the bravest men I ever met, and I am very satisfied that he decided to share his story with me about his experiences in Iraq.