Sharon M. Sevel

As interviewed by Ivan DeHaas, March 27, 2015
"Itís a different age now. Police brutality wasn't as big of a problem in the Ď60s and Ď70s as it is now, where the police departments are the enemy. But when you come right down to it, police are trying to deal with people that break rules. "
Sharon M. Sevel

Introductory Profile: About Ivan Sevel

Ivan Sevel is my 85-year-old grandfather who was a policeman, soldier and father of four so far in his life. He participated in the Race Riots, domestic disputes, the testing of atomic bombs, and many other major events during the twentieth century. Despite starting from humble beginnings in the middle of the Great Depression, Sevel has led a happy and productive life from the time he was born. He is a comedian, even in sick condition, and loves his friends and family.

The topics covered during the interview were some information about the Great Depression, early life, a small portion on atomic bomb testing and mainly later life and being a policeman. I interviewed Sevelís wife Sharon due to the fact that he had a pain attack in one of our previous interviews. The overall tone of the interview was very straightforward and even surprising in some cases, when I learned about his motorcycle wreck. I now look at my grandfather with a newfound wisdom and respect for what he has been through and experienced that none of my other relatives had. Overall, I thought the interview was very informative and interesting to conduct and find out more about my Grandfather Sevel.