Grandma Doyne

As Interviewed By Jacob B., March 23, 2015
"We didnít give it a lot of thought, and we werenít really that informed about it to tell you the truth. Thatís just how we lived, an all-white school in an all-white neighborhood."
Grandma Doyne

Introductory Profile: About Grandma Doyne

Grandma Doyne was born in Arkansas and now lives in Connecticut. I chose to interview her because she was attending Central High when the Little Rock Nine came. She witnessed the whole thing and even experienced it for herself! She got to witness the whole Civil Rights Movement, and she has many great stories about the Movement that she got the chance to share.

Grandma Doyneís family also had a couple black people that would work for them, so I got to hear some about them. One was a lady who did ironing for Grandma Doyneís mother, and the other, Will, help Grandma Doyneís father work under the house.