Murhula Zigabe

As Interviewed by Jackson Eckel, on March 19, 2015
"It is my way of giving them support, it is my way of being close to them when they are suffering."
Murhula Zigabe

Introductory Profile: About Murhula Zigabe

I chose to interview a man named Murhula Zigabe. This interview was not primarily focused on one particular social injustice, instead looking at the main social injustices that can be found in the Dominican Republic of the Congo. The main topics discussed during the interview included discrimination against women, discrimination against the poor, tribal based discrimination, and corruption. What stood out to me the most in this interview was when the severity of some of these issues were discussed

Murhula Zigabe presented himself to me as a kind, humble man. As the interview was over Skype I cannot describe him all that well. Murhula started his education at a secondary school in the Dominican Republic of the Congo, where he was born and where he has lived all his life. He is now twenty four years old. When he went to college he started studying international relations until he was an undergraduate, when he decided to switch and study philosophy.

The overall tone of the interview changed between subjects. For example, the tone of my interviewee and the interview would become very serious when things like sexual abuse and poverty were talked about, but then my interviewee would sound excited and more light hearted when things like the improvement of tribal based discrimination were discussed. Murhula overall was very polite, and the tone of the interview was serious, but not too heavy.

This interview was focused on the many social injustices that are currently present in the country of the Dominican Republic of the Congo. I would say the interview was very eye opening, as many of these issues are not particularly well known in the western world.