Michael Davis

As Interviewed by Leah Davis, March 29, 2015
"Unfortunately, the method they used was one of apartheid -- which was cruel, which was immoral, which was unfair."
Michael Davis

Introductory Profile: About Michael Davis

The person Iím interviewing is Michael S. Davis. He is my paternal grandfather. Michael was born on October 22, 1940 and is married to Gillian Davis. They have three children, Annette, Bryan, and Shoshana. His parents are Rose Sandler and George Davis. Mr. Davis lived in South Africa until 1980 and then moved to America because of Apartheid. He currently lives in Houston, Texas and is a very loving, funny and caring man. He loves being around all of his grandchildren and enjoys spending time with his friends.

The topic we covered in our interview was Apartheid in South Africa from a white personís view. During the interview my interviewee got very into the conversation, as did I. There were some things discussed in the interview that were unfortunate to hear, because of how unfair people of the opposite race were being treated.