Kevin Dwyer

As interviewed by Annabel Dwyer, April 14, 2015
"Whether they are being shot at or not, these young people can be called on to be sent somewhere to do the humanitarian work for the rest of us."
Kevin Dwyer

Introductory Profile: About Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer is a sixty-nine year-old veteran currently living in Granbury, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth. With his wife Mary, he has two sons, Kelly and Ryan, and six wonderful grandchildren: Emily, Annabel, Katherine, Collin, Maggie, and Grant. He is now retired and doing volunteer work for a foundation the Dwyers started called Habitat. This program is where people come together in communities and build houses for the underprivileged or low income families.

During his years as an enlisted pilot, Kevin Dwyer was very accomplished. Dwyer attended school and training at West Point Military Academy. He became the first to fly the F-16 jet in the Vietnam War, and he was recognized for it throughout his military years. He was on active duty until 1980 and he retired from service in 1996.