Arnold Freedman

As Interviewed by Zoltan F., March 10, 2015
"So I felt out of place. I was always frustrated with other people, they would talk and I would want to know what they said... At the time it was a hearing world. And it was separated from the deaf world. They're both very different cultures."
Arnold Freedman

Introductory Profile: About Arnold Freedman

For my Firsthand History Project I interviewed my paternal grandfather, Arnold Freedman. He was born on November 25, 1940, and is 74 years-old, retired, and comfortably living in Calabasas, California near Los Angeles. He is also deaf, he cannot hear. I interviewed him on the many struggles, challenges, and obstacles deaf people have to overcome in a primarily hearing world. Mr. Freedman gave me insight not only on his own life and experiences being deaf, but also about deaf struggles and deaf culture everywhere.

The tone of the interview follows that of someone telling a story about their life: nice, quiet, and interesting. The last thing he says for the recording was that he was happy to share his feelings about the subject and was glad I asked, and, when it was all said and done, that hed like a copy.