Mr. Lynn Pham

As interviewed by Gabe Brandt, March 19st
"It left me questioning and me trying to understand why the south and the american soldiers were fighting the north and the Viet Kong and all these things were going in on my head and I don't understand why."
Mr. Lynn Pham

Introductory Profile: About Lynn Pham

My interviewee’s name is Lynn T. Pham who was born in Vietnam in 1959 or 1960. He said he doesn't know for sure. The content of the interview tends be kind of like a biography like questions and most questions tend to give you an insight of what it was like back then. Many events like when he tried to get out of Vietnam stand out because they really show how hard life was back then.

Lynn Pham was born in Vietnam 1959-1960 and lived they're until he was 15. He came from a poor family and saw many bad things that made him want to leave. He left his parents for the U.S. in 1975 before the north took over the south. He got a job and has lived with social injustice in the workplace, at home and in public. He has lived in the U.S. for 40 years now and happily lives with his family.

Mr.Pham seems a bit nostalgic during the interview. He sorta look a bit upset thinking of all the things he went through and how things unfolded. The overall interview seemed pretty neutral among emotions. Mr. Pham’s tone of voice seems kind of sad in a way that he was remembering his old memories but he seemed happy to talk about it with me. He talked about it in a happy manner and seemed easy going.

Overall i think that Mr. Pham was happy to do this interview about controversial topics and nostalgic questions. He seemed pretty rememberful and i am glad that he found time out of his day to accommodate me. He helped me with the type of question to ask that would relate to him and his story. When i asked to do him, he seemed caring and welcome and he did not seem very hesitant.