Ann Pennington

As Interviewed by Chase B., March 17, 2015
"You cannot teach what you do not know, and you cannot lead where you will not go."
Ann Pennington

Introductory Profile: About Ann Pennington

The person I decided to interview about social justice was Sister Ann Pennington who is the head of the Social Justice Ministry at St. Theresa Catholic Church and also a member of the church. She is a small elderly woman with short blonde hair who is very nice and has a positive outlook on life and those who she helps. Sister Ann is also a devout Catholic and finds joy in herself by helping others.

Sister Ann was born in Newport News, Virginia, and was adopted when she was three-days-old. Her dad was an air force chaplain stationed at Langley Air Force Base in California, and her mother was an English teacher. She grew up as a Baptist and became a Baptist minister, but she later converted to Catholicism.

Sister Ann has lived in Virginia, California, Germany, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and during her Protestant days, she was missionary to Brazil. She received her undergraduate degree at Baylor University, got a master of Church Music and Master of Divinity at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, and got her Doctor of Ministry degree at Austin Presbyterian.

During this interview I learned about how Sister Ann is involved with social justice and the effect that it has had on her life. I also discovered how she teaches Christianity to others through her social work.