Nick Hall

As Interviewed by Mayona, March 2013
"There must never be any kind of separation, ever, in people."
Nick Hall

Introductory Profile:

Nicholas Hall had very good insights on my topic and was very well informed. He had lots of knowledge of my subject and answered my questions to their fullest. He seemed to have strong opinions about segregation and how we should always live in a community and live together.

Nick Hall is 34 years old and has been teaching for about 18 years. He is now a school teacher at Pease Elementary and has been teaching language arts, and social studies, which he enjoys very much. He was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan and has been many places out of the state but not much out of the country. Nick feels that any type of discrimination should be brought into the public. It should be discussed and talked about, not hidden from the people.

Nicholas Hall was a very easy and entertaining person to interview. At the beginning, things were very light-hearted, jokes were cracked, and we weren't talking all-too-seriously. Near the end though, his attitude seemed to shift as my questions got more serious. Which, to me, is a good thing, and even for the light-heartedness, the whole thing was very straight to the point.

Nick Hall had very complete answers and was a very cooperative interviewee.