Raul Garza

As Interviewed by Michael Rodriguez, March 20, 2015
"And I told her that I didn't feel that that was right, what she had said and that it was racial and she was kinda' profiling a person."
Raul Garza

Introductory Profile: About Raul Garza

My interviewee, Raul Garza, is my grandmotherís younger brother and also my great uncle. He is of Mexican descent, sincere and altogether a good person. Raul Garza grew up in Brownsville, Texas and was born on November 5, 1942. He graduated from Brownsville High School in 1961 and attended Texas Southmost College for two years. Because he did not have sufficient funds to finish college, he joined the Army for five years. For two years, his first tour of duty was in Turkey. He also spent two tours in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. After being discharged from the Army, he returned to college and graduated with a BA in accounting and finance. He then received his MBA and worked with a local CPA firm. Soon thereafter, he was hired by Brownsville to be the City Finance Director for four years.

In the interview, we discussed racial and ethnic discrimination present in the military and also in the law and court system. I asked him if he had witnessed and/or experienced discrimination in the military and court system and we discussed. We also discussed racial profiling, how problems with racial equality can be solved, and what problems racial discrimination can cause. Overall, it was a great interview with a great interviewee.