Lessie Jefferson

As Interviewed by Jackson Denko
"There were violence going on at the time these people had,clans Ku Klux Klans they would come and terrorize you, beat you, drag you"
Lessie Jefferson

Introductory Profile: About Lessie Jefferson

I interviewed Lessie Jefferson on her struggles as an African-American in Texas from the 1930s to present day. Lessie was a close family friend of my grandparents in Amarillo. She is a very loving and kind woman who treats everyone as if they were her child. She is eighty-eight years old and a great-great grandmother. Today she lives in Houston, close to several of her children and grandchildren.

Born to a family of East Texas farmers, Lessie experienced discrimination in many ways, but that did not stop her from doing well in many fields. She has recently retired from her nursing job at Houston Memorial Hospital. She believes segregation is still alive and well in the world today, but she does believe it has gotten better for all people. We conducted this interview in her Houston home while accompanied by her son and granddaughter.