Jim Sternadel

As Interviewed By Jacob R., March 21, 2015
"I was never in touch with black people -- never had to get to know any of them. We kind of absorbed the views of our parents, and the people we lived with, people we came in touch with at that time and place, and Iím not saying they were mean people or vicious people. Our parents were not mean or vicious, they were good people, but they had stereotypes and ideas about blacks..."
Jim Sternadel

Introductory Profile: About Jim Sternadel

Jim Sternadel, my grandfather, is 71-years-old. He lives in Buda, Texas. Earlier in life, he lived in a small town called Petrolia, then he moved to Burkburnett at age seven, where he attended school and was a teacher for over 30 years. He and his wife moved to Buda six years ago, where they do volunteer work at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. He has a very stern personality that seems to have softened over the years. Heís somewhat awkward in social situations, but heís a kind-hearted man, and this is evident in his tone of voice and demeanor.

The topics covered in my interview were racial relations in small towns and personal experiences related to race. Mr. Sternadel said things I doubt he wouldíve said in a non-academic setting about his past living in the South. It was made clear to him before the interview that he didnít have to say anything out of his comfort zone, but he managed to give a thorough interview regardless. The tone during the interview was fairly easygoing, though it may have been stressful or intense at times. It felt as though he was remembering things heíd rather have kept in the past.