Roscoe Overton

As Interviewed by Ethan Ripp, March 21, 2015
"That was his last speech. And I was there that night, at Mason Temple -- that was April the 3rd, 1968."
Roscoe Overton

Introductory Profile: About Roscoe Overton

I interviewed Roscoe Overton, brother of Volma Overton, who was president of a major chapter of the NAACP. He was very kind, and I got a lot of information and stories in the interview.

Roscoe Overton was a descendant of slaves that worked in Tennessee, and he was born in the Austin area. He is Christian. He was very involved in the Civil Rights Movement and was a member of the NAACP.

He married Johnnie Overton in 1960 and moved to Nashville and Memphis, before moving back to Austin, where he remains to this day. Later he started The Overton Group to teach Spanish and bridge cultural divides.