Victor E. Ndubueze

As Interviewed by Precious Ndubueze, March 29. 2015
"War is something that brings no one any good. War is something that should never be suggested as an alternative to peace. Peace is supreme to war. "
Victor E. Ndubueze

Introductory Profile: About Victor Ndubueze

For my Firsthand History Project, I decided to interview Mr. Victor Ndubueze, my dad. Mr. Ndubueze is a Nigerian and was born in Umuegwu Okpuala Villiage to Nigerian parents. Early school life was not exactly great for Mr. Ndubueze because that was around the time the Nigerian Biafran Civil War occurred. College was a better time for him, and he later graduated with his Accounting and Business Studies degrees. He then began to work for KLM, a Dutch airline, for 14 years. He later moved to America on May 22, 2002. Mr. Ndubueze has been living in America ever since, though he often takes trips back to Nigeria to visit family and friends. He now works as an IT technician.

During the interview the main topics that were covered were Mr. Ndubueze’s experiences before, during, and after the Nigerian Biafran war. We also spoke about his experiences with family due to the war. It was overall a shaky topic to discuss because of all the brutality that was experienced during this time. There were many silent moments in which Mr. Ndubueze used to grasp in the atrocity of all the events. After these few moments, the rest of the interview continued smoothly.