Doris Macdaniel

As Interviewed by Greta Quill, March 22nd, 2015
""One thing none of my brothers and sister can ever say is that we were hungry.""
Doris Macdaniel

Introductory Profile: About Doris Macdaniel

Doris Macdaniel is my great aunt on my Motherís side. She was born in Texas on August 10th, 1934 s the 8th of ten children. She was a wife and is a mother to three very successful children. At 80 years old, sheís still on her feet and moving around.

In the interview, we talk about her life growing up during great times of poverty (The Great Depression), her adopted brother with disabilities, the Vietnam War, and womenís rights. Due to the time limit, most of what is heard in the interview is about growing up in poverty. But donít think that this will be a sad story - Doris Macdaniel brings a warm attitude and fun stories in what would seemingly be hopeless.