Nurit Patt

As interviewed by Ellie Patt, April 17, 2015
"They told me I could not be a dog trainer because I was a woman. And I was really angry about that, and they wanted me to be a secretary and I said no way, and the other option I had was go and work in a kibbutz, and live in a kibbutz, and help that way."
Nurit Patt

Introductory Profile: About Nurit Patt

Nurit Patt is my Savta- the Hebrew word for Grandmother. She is my father’s mother. I grew up going to her house every summer for “Camp Savta”. She told me about the world and stories from when she was a kid and when my father was a kid.

My Savta was born on April 18, 1944 in Jerusalem during the Second World War. She grew up in Israel as it was growing as a country and witnessed most of its wars firsthand. She was in the military and worked on a kibbutz. She knew what it was like to have lived in one of the most religiously important cities in the world - one that has been fought over for thousands of years. She was trained as a physician and moved to the United States when my father was 2 years old.

There were three main topics that were covered. The first was Life in Jerusalem. The second was Military Work. Lastly, the third was Reactions to the United States. What I felt with the interview was serious but slightly mischievous tone- like we could burst into laughter at any second. I almost did a few times. All in all, my Savta, Nurit Patt, was a very fun person to interview and I hope you think the same.