Sher Khan

As Interviewed by Arsal Farooq, 4/26/2015
"In mountaineering you have to be very, very lucky, to accomplish all these things you have to be very, very lucky"
Sher Khan

Introductory Profile: About Sher Khan

I came to meet my uncle, Sher Khan,when I traveled to Pakistan in last years summer break, my family and I went over to his house. Most of his work was done with him and another famous mountaineer named Reinhold Messner and they invented a new way of climbing by fair means.In 2013 while he was climbing with his group, they were assaulted by the Taliban/Al Qaeda He is around 6 feet tall and had a stubby beard of a sort. He has black hair. He is an optimistic person and was very joyful most of the time during my visit.

I think that the interview that I had went well and he gave interesting responses about his climbing career. He would usually give thorough responses that fully answered the question and went farther past. However sometimes he would not respond to the question but lead into a different story about his mountaineering career. The interview mostly stayed on the positive side of things and the tone of the conversation never went south. The main thing you draw out of the interview is that mountaineering is very tough and you have to be lucky and safe while doing so.