Ryan Berg

As Interviewed by Matthew Beck, March 17, 2015
"The question is when was the last time you've walked someplace where you felt clearly unwanted. Thatís something that unfortunately is an uncommon occurrence, but itís something I feel on a regular basis. I know some of it is because of my hair. Itís rather long and most people don't see it all that often. But there isn't a time where Iím not reminded of the color of my skin. So the question is when was the last time you were reminded of the color of your skin and not the person who you are. For me I am reminded of it everyday."
Ryan Berg

Introductory Profile: About Ryan Berg

Ryan J. Berg is my familyís neighbor and friend. He lives in Austin with his wife Keri Berg and his three children, Nyah, Jaelin and Reid. He was born January 3, 1971, in New York and was later adopted by James and Carol Berg. He also has an adopted brother, Jonathan Berg. He is just under six feet tall with dreadlocks that go past his waist. He is a devoted family man and a successful engineer.

During the interview Mr. Berg and I discussed his childhood and how he was treated at a younger age. We also talked about how Malcolm X influenced Mr. Berg during his teen years. He described how people treat him because he is an African-American with dreadlocks and is married to a white women. We addressed the recent events in Ferguson. And, finally, we talked about racial stereotypes, in the United States and how racial relations could improve.

Mr. Berg was a great interviewee who really elaborated on each question.