Verna Jones and Warren Green

As Interviewed by Joshua Rydolph, April 24, 2015
"Yes. I was for nonviolence all the way. I thought that any other way of achieving this. When I saw what we had gone through in early years. I thought that he had such an elegant way. He was like Gandhi."
Verna Jones and Warren Green

Introductory Profile: About Verna Jones and Warren Green

I chose to interview my grandparents, Verna Jones and Warren Green. I interviewed Verna Jones on February 26, 2015 in Pflugerville, Texas. Verna was born in Refugio, Texas and is the second to oldest of twelve children. Warren Green I interviewed the next week on March 6, 2015. Both of them are in their seventies. Verna is fair, slim, medium height with pretty green eyes. She was timid in recalling her past but very pleased to give the interview.

Warren is medium brown complexion with brown eyes. He was pleasant, calm, and glad to share his recollections of the past. They both look younger that their age and are still active in their careers. Verna Jones is a Masters educated Nurse Practitioner who has no plans to retire yet. She has been a nurse since 1961. She met Warren Green and married in Refugio, Texas. Warren grew up in Gonzales, Texas. He had just graduated from Prairie View A&M. The Refugio Barefield Black School was his first teaching assignment. Warren went on to a thirty year military career in the Army and worked on several top security clearance nuclear missile projects. He retired as a Sergeant Major and still works as a substitute teacher regularly.