Daniel Sponseller

As interviewed by Vincent Sponseller, March 15, 2015
"We donít think about why we do it, because people worry too much about what they canít control, but I can fight in this war and be satisfied with what I can control."
Daniel Sponseller

Introductory Profile: About Daniel Sponseller

I interviewed Daniel Sponseller, who participated in the wars in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He is my uncle on my fatherís side. He lives in Florida, and he is planning on moving. He does not have a wife or kids. He looks similar to my father, having very short, ginger hair and sunburned, tan skin. Heís a very patient guy, relaxed and generally nice to be around.

In the interview, we talk about his opinions on war, and how decisions are made in war by the American public, not a soldier. He thinks that decisions are not made by a general, or a soldier, or anyone on the battlefield. They just carry out orders. Because, in the end, the general consensus of the public is what determines whether a war happens or not. The public are the people who volunteer -- no one makes them, so a war canít happen if no one will volunteer.