Millie Clark

As Interviewed by Arden Floyd, March 25, 2015
"I think that this choice is just between a woman and her doctor. Because, I feel that if we start taking those choices away, what other freedoms will we lose?"
Millie Clark

Introductory Profile: About Millie Clark

Amelia Clark is my motherís former coworker who I interviewed for this project. She was born in Chicago and now lives in Austin. She is a veterinary technician who works with animals in a cancer research laboratory at the University of Texas.

We discussed the event and the ideas pertaining to Wendy Davisís filibuster in 2011 trying to delay the voting on a bill that would close down abortion clinics across Texas. She talked about her thoughts on the subject and what was happening during the filibuster. She believes that it is a womanís right to decide what to do with her body, and that the government shouldnít be allowed to make those decisions for them.