Bruce Gilbert

As Interviewed by Olivia Gilbert, March 18, 2016
"It cost us a lot of soldiers and lives and so forth but I would have to say it was probably worth it, if any war is worth it"
Bruce Gilbert

Introductory Profile: About Bruce Gilbert

I interviewed Bruce Gilbert, my grandfather, about his experiences in the Korean War. He talked about what it was like fighting in South Korea and working in the Quarry. His job was to operate the rock quarry and get rock for paving roads. He also expressed his opinions on communism and war in general, how he felt that the Korean war was worth helping the people of South Korea escape the North Korean communism, if any war was worth it.
Bruce Gilbert was born on February 20, 1930. He was born and raised in Mattoon, Illinois . He fought in the Korean War when he was 23 years old as the Lieutenant of his engineering platoon. Today he is 86 years old and lives in Naperville, Illinois with his wife, and my grandmother, Olive Gilbert.
Bruce Gilbert is an elderly male with thinning gray hair and reaches just about 6 ft. tall with milk chocolate brown eyes. He is a very light hearted person who loves telling stories and playing games like Scrabble, and Clue, and has a major sweet tooth. He enjoys playing golf and gardening in Naperville's community garden along with spending time with his wife of 64 years.
When I interviewed Bruce, he seemed at ease with the topics we discussed. Overall the interview was pretty upbeat even though we did cover some hard topics and he told a few somber stories about the death and injury of people he knew. I think for Bruce the war was a difficult thing to live through because of the level of uncertainty, but looking back he is able to view it from a perspective more upbeat than expected without having all of the bad parts cloud his memory.