Jolene Grajczyk

As Interviewed by Jack Terronez, March 17, 2016
"When we walk out here after court in the evenings, I tell the people that I'm walking out with, we are so lucky, because it's such a great experience to be able to see the transition from level one to level three and then graduation. It's really an awesome opportunity."
Jolene Grajczyk

Introductory Profile: About Jolene Grajczyk

Jolene Grajczyk is the administrator of the Travis County Veterans Court program. She spent 12 years in the US Air Force and spent 11 years in the National Guard, where she worked with people with substance abuse issues. She has always wanted to combine her military and substance abuse issues, and this was her chance. She is always excited and prepared for her work. When asked “How would you describe for feelings towards the program?”, she responded with “Best job I've ever had.” I met her when my mom suggested her because she works with her.

The topic covered in the interview was veteran’s rights and substance and alcohol abuse. The interview is upbeat and doesn't get dark or too emotional (except in a happy way). I was delighted to interview this person, and I hope that people will find this interview informative.