Aniko Paul

As Interviewed by Christopher Kellar, March 15 2016
"My sister and I tried to escape the first night with a group of people, and we had to walk in December in very cold and snowy weather, and the rest of our group was caught by the Russian tanks. And my sister and I fortunately escaped by hiding in a ditch. We spent the night in the ditch, and the next night we tried again and didnít succeed, but the third night we actually succeeded. We never found out what happened to the other people who were caught."
Aniko Paul

Introductory Profile: About Aniko Paul

I interviewed my grandmother, Aniko Paul, who is a survivor of the Hungarian communist takeover after World War Two. She was born in Budapest shortly before the USSR took Hungary from Germany, and she witnessed a lot firsthand, such as a failed revolution and the confiscation of hard-earned property.

Because of complications, we were not able to talk in person. However, I still heard a lot of interesting stories during the interview. We talked about what happened, what daily life was like, and how she managed to navigate through a heavily-guarded minefield thirty kilometers wide to freedom. This interview painted a fuzzy yet interesting picture what life was like during the Hungarian Communist regime.