Zulfi Kureshi

As Interviewed by Anya Kureshi, 4/18/17
"This is not the religion I believe in, this is somebody’s twisted view of religion."
Zulfi Kureshi

Introductory Profile: About Zulfi Kureshi

My interviewee, Zulfi Kureshi, is my dad and is open about his religion, Islam. He was born in 1973 in Lahore, Pakistan a predominantly Muslim country. He’s married to Nadia Baig, my mother, who was also born in Pakistan. Both his parents and his wife’s parents were born in Pakistan.
Zulfi is a caring person with black hair, brown eyes and round glasses. He is about six feet and is an overall fun person to be with.
During our interview my father and I discussed what it felt to be Muslim during that time, and what the Muslim community thought of the attack. The whole interview was very chill and relaxed and Zulfi was very open about his beliefs.
The September 11 attacks were a very personal subject for Zulfi because he had a lost a personal friend from high school.