Tony C.

As interviewed by Lila Wilson, March 20, 2017
"I only remember them catching me or tackling me once, but that fear was there every day."
Tony C.

Introductory Profile: About Tony C.

Tony C. was born in England. His parents were from India and were both doctors. England was going through a large change in cultural diversity. Many different ethnic groups were coming in. As a child in a changing European town, Tony C. experienced discrimination and a greater understanding of racism than children should have. On his way home from school, he would pass the Skinhead's (a Neo-Nazi group) congregation point and usually have to run all the way home. In his 20’s he moved to America and started a family and a new life with high hopes.

When he moved to Austin, he experienced discrimination and witnessed it everywhere in his neighborhood. His neighbors wouldn’t greet him, he was accused of suspicious activity, and he saw other people of color becoming suspicious in his neighbor's eyes just by walking on the street.

Tony C. is my neighbor and his daughter is a close friend of mine I met in preschool. I decided to interview him on his thoughts and experiences of discrimination. As I learned about discrimination in America and England, my outlook on racism shifted and I had a clearer idea of the injustices in our current world and nation.