Raj Simon

as interviewed by Nathan Jacob, March 20, 2017
"President Trump is the elected US President and I respect him. As far as I have heard him speak he was against the illegal immigrants and I think he suggested advanced scrutiny in countries where threats of terrorism currently happen, in order to protect the country. Given these facts I believe in his ideas and beliefs for the country."
Raj Simon

Introductory Profile: About Raj Simon

I interviewed my neighbor, Raj Simon, who is an immigration analyst. An immigration analyst is someone who analyzes immigration and looks for patterns and odd happenings. He attended the University of Texas and has a masters in computer science. He has been doing his job for nearly 10 years and wishes to continue. He has never met an immigrant but has a lot of background knowing about America’s immigration policy and the tactics America uses in attempting to filter the inflow of both illegal and legal immigrants into the United States of America.

His opinion of immigration is mainly democratic, because of his intentions to allow more immigrants into the US rather than enforcing harsh laws against immigrants and blocking immigrants from countries of specific religious beliefs. With that said, Raj Simon does support President Donald Trump because he is our respected president and his intent for America is mainly to protect. Mr. Simon considers protection to be positive for both our country and its citizens.