John Gage

As Interviewed by Olivia G., March 16, 2017
"To understand how much God loves me and to say that even that person that’s different from me, that I don’t understand, who’s life is very different from mine, God loves them every bit as much as God loves me"
John Gage

Introductory Profile: About John Gage

John Gage is the senior minister at the United Christian Church of Austin, which is “Open and Affirming” to everyone, no matter race, gender identification or gender expression. He promotes equality and civil rights in the church. I attend his church in North Austin, so I heard about his advocacy for social justice. He has done many protests and participated in many organisations advocating for many different issues in the community, such as the occupy movement, the women’s march, the LGBTQ Pride festival and the National Coalition for LGBTQ Rights, being gay himself.

Mr. Gage grew up when there were very few rights for LGBTQ citizens. He even had to leave the church that he grew up in to become a minister because he was gay. He had to find an open and affirming church that would allow him to be a minister. Through the church, he advocated for the LGBTQ rights.

During the interview, he talked about LGBTQ rights in the church and the community, along with other protests, movements and organisations he has participated in and how they have affected his life. He also talked about his struggles while being a gay minister.
The interview was very thoughtful, as he reflected on his past experiences and how they connect to his work today.