Laetitia Cabrol

As Interviewed by Lilo Ryan, March 5th, 2017
"Yes, I have an accent, but that doesn't make me different from every other American citizen."
Laetitia Cabrol

Introductory Profile: About Laetitia Cabrol

On March 5th, at 10:30 on a rainy Sunday morning, I met with Laetitia Cabrol, a French immigrant, in her upstairs classroom. She came here for work, although she had visited twice before coming to live permanently. Her parents were set on her and her brother learning English. She started learning English when she was eight years old. I came to meet Laetitia because I knew her kids from Montessori school. Laetitia Cabrol has brownish-black hair and blue eyes. She is a teacher of French, and did so in both France and here. She is a mother of two kids.

There were a few topics discussed. Immigration made up a very large portion of the interview, the process, what France was like, and her life in the U.S. The tone was very open and personal. It wasn’t very formal, either. There was a lot of very interesting information that I learned in this interview, like how immigrants are treated in the United States.