Hatin Amro

As Interviewed by Sophia Giulietti, March 16, 2017
"You say you're Muslim, and that's the trigger right there."
Hatin Amro

Introductory Profile: About Hatin Amro

Hatin Amro was born in a small village about 3 1/2 miles south of Bethlehem in Palestine and lived there for about 11 years. When the Israelis took over, he was forced to move to Jordan until he graduated from high school. He then moved to America. Amro used to work with my dad at Dell, back in 2001. My dad introduced me to him as a small kid, but I have only recently learned about his past as of this project. He is now a father of 3 girls and works as a computer software engineer.

Hatin explained his many hardships of being a Muslim in America, and focused on unfair treatment. He was very open to talking about everything, and was glad he could talk about such an important topic. Amro gave me a much different perspective on recent events, and made me realize things are not always as they seem. The tone of this interview was calm, yet exciting, and helped me understand his experience.