Son Nguyen

As Interviewed by Steven Nguyen, March 15, 2017
"But in that time, it couldnít be so poor and no freedom at all, you will live through like you live in jail under the communist suburban. "
Son Nguyen

Introductory Profile: About Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen is my fatherís cousin or I call him uncle Son. I see him occasionally during family holidays or when he visits the restaurant that my dad manages. He is a Vietnamese refugee who escaped from Vietnam to the Philippines in 1979. After that, he moved to Canada where he learned English and went to college. There, he met his wife who was a Vietnamese American who lived in America so he moved to Texas with her. His first job was at an electronic store but after 12 years, he decided to open his own restaurant chain, Pho Thaison.

My fatherís cousin is a very nice and generous man. In Vietnamese culture, I call him uncle even though it is different in American culture.He has a way to make some sad stories and turn it into an inspirational piece. I know him because he is my dadís boss. He frequently visits my dadís restaurant and he comes to all of our family holidays, so I know him pretty well. He is a 70 year old man with balding gray hair and glasses. He has a loving wife and 4 kids who are grown up now.

In the interview, I talked to him about his journey as a refugee from Vietnam to the Philippines. We talked about how he was one of the boat captains that drove the Vietnamese refugees over to the Philippines to live in a refugee camp. Although the subject we talked about were pretty dark and sad, he turned the tone into inspiring. He showed me how through hard work, even the most unfortunate people can make it big. The interview overall gave me a really big insight into the world of the Vietnamese boat people.