Chuck N

As Interviewed by Charlotte B, March 17, 2017
"I think the in many ways it helped me grow stronger too because it made me realize whatís really important about me and itís not winning the approval of everyone around me."
Chuck N

Introductory Profile: About Chuck N

Chuck N is a kind humble man. I had met him through a friend of my mother . Chuck is around 5 feet 6 inches rather thin but still sturdy in a sense. Chuck has a small scar above his left eyebrow that he had said was do a fishing incident when he was young. Chuck is I his late forties and admires the youth. He has a stern look on his face and as I interview him he carefully picks out his words with care.

Chuck is a homosexual man who grew up not feeling accepted into the group and afraid to not be accepted in his family. In this interview, chuck talks about how being gay made people see him differently, how he saw himself in comparison to other, and how he overcame obstacles of prejudice and discrimination.

Overall, Chuck is a kind caring individual who throughout his life, has struggled through obstacles of discrimination and mistreatment as a homosexual male.