Ashvin Bhavsar

As Interviewed by Rohan Bhavsar, March 18th, 2017
"200% change. Big changes from India to Canada."
Ashvin Bhavsar

Introductory Profile: About Ashvin Bhavsar

Ashvin Bhavsar, my grandpa, is now in his late 70’s. He grew up in India and moved to Canada in the 1960’s. After many smart decisions, he was finally able to move to to the U.S. Ashvin Bhavsar was a hard worker and full of determination. He moved in search a better education and life. Ashvin Bhavsar has had some good and bad moments, but he is glad to be where he is today. Nowadays, Ashvin spends most of his time relaxing at home and talking with others. Ashvin Bhavsar is a wise man who has always worked and keeps working to make the most of his life.

The overall topic of the interview was immigration. However, we mainly focused on the differences in Canada’s and India’s infrastructure. We talked about this because it shows one of the reasons why Ashvin immigrated to Canada. Ashvin Bhavsar’s life was different than most others. It was very easy to talk to my grandpa and the tone of the interview was very smooth. I really enjoyed talking to my grandpa and thanks to him I am able to enjoy a better life in the U.S.