Jose Navea

As Interviewed by Adolfo A., March 8, 2017
"I think that the wall will not stop illegal immigration, the hunger is stronger than the wall. "
Jose Navea

Introductory Profile: About Jose Navea

My interviewee, Jose Navea, who is 52 years old and was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, immigrated to Texas during his middle age days. One day my parents met him at work, and since then on, they have been really good friends. There was a time when Mr. Navea was completely undocumented, but right now he is in a process of becoming a legal citizen of the United States. Jose is a married man with no children, he has brothers and sisters living in El Paso, Texas. He also has more family back in Venezuela. He is a very happy bearded man, he is not scared of anything, and enjoys life at its finest.

During this interview, he talks on how immigration affect the U.S in many ways and also how deporting immigrants can also affect the country as well. Once he was and undocumented immigrant, but still being an immigrant, he discusses on how other immigrants in the United States feel with Trumpís actions towards them, His voice is representing otherís like him and how they feel scared. This is a podcast worth hearing.