William Booth

As interviewed by Nathaniel Reed, March 22, 2017
"Journalism is like writing the first draft of history. We get a good front seat to watch the world, and see what's happening."
William Booth

Introductory Profile: About William Booth

I interviewed William Booth, a journalist, and head bureau chief for the Washington Post. He is a foreign correspondent, currently for Jerusalem, but before that has been stationed in Mexico, Miami, Los Angeles and several other places. He has been reporting and making stories in Jerusalem for the past 4 years. I have known William, or Bill for a long time as he was and still is my father's best friend. My first memory of Bill was several years ago when we went to visit him in Mexico, where he was last stationed.

I first interviewed Bill about his job, being a journalist. For example, I asked questions such as “How did you get into journalism?” and “What are pros and cons of being a journalist.” After getting information on his job as a journalist, I directed the main focus at his work and life in Jerusalem. I gained a lot of information about not only his daily life in Jerusalem, and how Jerusalem has changed his reporting, but also about some of his opinions on the political issues currently regarding Jerusalem. The feeling of the interview was light hearted, because I had not talked to him in a while, but also very focused and information filled, and it was very interesting to hear about life in Jerusalem. The interview, in all was very informational, and insightful on Jerusalem and the life of a Journalist.