Nick Nickah

As Interviewed by Naiya Vásquez-Castañeda, March 18, 2017
"Immigration can be from good intention to bad, through hardship and war and disaster. "
Nick Nickah

Introductory Profile: About Nick Nikah

Born in 1971 Shahreza, Iran, Nick Nikah left his family in Iran for a better education in the United States. I met Nick through his son, my neighbor Shaun. Nick is married to Debbie, and has a daughter, Nadia, and a son, Shaun. His dream was to be a landscaper, and he successfully achieved that dream, and has created his own landscaping business. Nick has degrees from both Louisiana State University, and Texas A&M University in Agriculture. With dark brown eyes,white hair with gray streaks and light brown skin, Mr. Nikah talked in a soft yet raspy voice. Being born in Iran, Mr. Nikah had a moderate accent and also is able to speak Farsi. Nick Nikah has a great sense of humor, yet can be just as sensible and logical.

I asked Nick how it is like being an Immigrant in the U.S., along with the struggles he faces being from a different country especially in the Trump era. Mr. Nikah was very inspiring and touching to interview and told many stories about his personal experiences being an immigrant. He was Overall, the interview was a great way for me to learn about what it is like being an immigrant, and how being from another country can deepen your culture and open you to special experiences.