Sarah Barnes

As Interviewed by Ally Morales, March 21, 2011
"I should have not have not to go there, because basically out laws are being broken. Not just in the books, but in society, in general. You shouldn't have to ask for this kind of dignity for your child."
Sarah Barnes

Introductory Profile:

Sarah Barnes is the mother of a daughter born with genesis of the corpus callosum, which is a child is born without the bridge of their brain. She has been trying to get Meredith into regular classes at their neighborhood middle school, just like she was in elementary school. Even though she is a special ED kid, she still has the capability to learn, just like any other student. She feels that Meredith, if she is kept in the special ED room with the other special ED kids, that she will not get the same education as she use to.

During the interview, Mrs. Barnes seemed very well educated about the topic. Before she had sent me a list of laws that she had talked about and that the middle school was breaking. I could also tell she enjoyed talking in the interview because whenever she got into a topic, she kept on talking and talking. The attitude of the interview was calm and not very rushing. She did laugh at some parts and at some point you could tell the tone in her voice was very serious.

After the interview, I thought about how well she answered the questions, as if she knew what they were ahead of time. She easily controlled the conversation and gave it the right direction. She had a lot to tell about and enjoyed it all.

Sarah Barnes also has won a state award recently for her actions and what she has done to help Meredith for all these years past trying to get her a good education in her state.