Ting Lu

As interviewed by Andrew Lu, 3/24
"Suddenly, I had to make three connections, and travel to the other side of earth."
Ting Lu

Introductory Profile: Introduction about Ting Lu

He came from a country over 8000 miles away. He had a tough life back there, halfway around the world. He came here...for a better education, and a better government.

Back in China, he had a normal life, he grew up normally, and went to a fairly good college. However, things started going bad. The Chinese government was killing people by the hundreds at Tiananmen Square. Brutally. He disagreed with this, and wished to move out of China as soon as possible. That is when he got the come to the US, land of the free. China was in a governmental crisis. The sooner he came, the better it would be.

As he comes to the US, we hear about his experiences, his citizenship, and his college. We think about how hard his life was back then, and how he has overcome every challenge he had to face. This is the intriguing story of his immigration to the United States of America.