Mary Holmes

Alec Hoelscher, March 20, 2017
"As my dad used to always say, we have no where else to go, this is it. We're Cubans in America and we have no where else."
Mary Holmes

Introductory Profile: About Mary Holmes

Mary Holmes was born in Cuba in 1951. The economy began to slip and Cuba was losing its charm. She was given the opportunity to take part in the peter pan project so at ten years old Mary Holmes left to the United States and went to school in Miami in 1962.
The Peter Pan Project was a mission created by catholic priest. Its main goal was to take citizens out of Cuba to the United States. Mary Holmes was at a catholic school in Cuba and her parents were contacted and given the opportunity to send Mary to Miami.
She learned English and attended school for a couple before the Cuban missile crisis began. Her parents, still in Cuba, were stuck there for a little bit. The Cuban missile crisis was a standoff between the U.S. and Cuba about Cuba having missiles for the communist party.
The missionary worked as hard as they could to get the families of kids out. They eventually got her family out in 63 on the last boat to the United States. They then moved to Dallas following a close friend that also moved.