Maria R

As Interviewed by Morelia R, March 21, 2017
"Work hard, keep on working, the rough patches of your life will be left in the past and just look forward."
Maria R

Introductory Profile: About Maria R

My interviewee’s name is Maria R, my mother. She was born on May 31 1969. Right now she does not have a job but, she used to work at a clinic, she loved her job, it felt easy for her. She has had multiple jobs.

Topic covered were, about modern politics and how she feels about it. Immigration was also covered and why she decided to move to the United States, and how it has affected her and her family. She moved to the United States in 1997, with 2 girls and a boy and her husband, she has been living here since. After she moved she had 2 more kids and she has loved living here.

The interview was calm but she was a bit nervous because she hasn't really been interviewed before. She tried to express herself as much a she could because she didn't want to share too much about her.