Hanh Le

Denton Trinh, March 17th, 2017
"Everyone look at us with eyes that show that we were less than them."
Hanh Le

Introductory Profile: About Hanh Le

Hello, Today, I will interview my grandma named Hanh Le. I know her as my grandma that is from my motherís side. I met her at her house towards the north of Texas. She is a woman in her 70ís and loves to help out other people do things they might need help on. She tries to stay positive even in the dark times. She is also very shy with new people that she meets here in America. She came from Vietnam, then moved east towards America for an escape from here country. She is now a retired worker and loves to cook.

In this interview, she is here to speak about her past experiences In Vietnam, and how communism and the Vietnam war led to people being effected in a negative way. She will talk about how she felt about the war, and how people she knew close to her were affected as well. The tone of this is a dark and very emotional experience for my grandma as she talk about her old country fell and collapsed due to a war. She will put her opinion on this topic and how other thought that communism was good. After hearing about her story and how she describe everything, I was shocked but also very interested in how my Grandma survived in Vietnam.