Israel Garcia

Savitha S, March 26, 2017
"Are you serious? Are you telling me that you're escorting me to check I'm not doing anything illegal?"
Israel Garcia

Introductory Profile: About Israel Garcia

My interviewee’s name is Israel Martinez. He lived in Mexico City for almost his whole childhood, not aware of his surroundings regarding immigrants immigrating to America until he was actually one. When he was the age close to a college student, he immigrated to America, to study there and had some unique experiences- both positive and negative.

I came to meet my interviewee from my dad, as they both work in the same field- chemistry. Although, I faintly remember seeing him when I was 2 years old. When we first met, after a very long time, he appeared as a calm, but a confident man with straight black hair, some strands pointing upwards, average height, glowing brown eyes and Hispanic. When he first entered the door, he politely greeted me, talking very enthusiastically with a smile on his face. We talked peacefully and calmly about an introduction of each other before starting the interview and eventually started recording the interview.

Throughout the interview, Israel’s tone was quiet, yet enthusiastic and his slight chuckles throughout the interview assured that. I felt nervous, when beginning the interview, as I was intimidated by his peaceful voice, but while actually recording he proved that he was a sympathetic and friendly person to talk to. By the next few questions, I felt more comfortable. You could tell he was thinking of deep and thoughtful answers, as he wanted to reply quickly, but struggled slightly. The topic of immigration is a sensitive topic, but Israel specifically replied talking about the process from Mexico to America, such as how the officers reacted. Israel created calm and ongoing topics which helped created the interview more like two people talking than an interview.